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How to create a FAQ Page like this:


Hello Webflow family,

I would like to create a website with an FAQ like this: It was also built using Webflow.

I'm pretty sure the steps to create this are fairly easy, but I cannot figure it out (I'm new to Webflow). I've reviewed the CMS videos but it mostly talks about creating a blog using collections and dynamic lists. I think I can use collections and lists to create the FAQ but I'm not entirely sure how to structure and add the content in a way that makes works for the FAQ.

Here's what I've watched so far:

1) @Sabanna talks about how to create interactions with dynamic lists here:



Many posts have asked for an FAQ tutorial. Has any progress been made with that project?



Hello @hassanriggs,

It's very simple to create this. I built one recently for a client

I used a dropdown element, copy and pasted it 13 times.

Hope this helps.



Hey @hassanriggs,

i had built something similar last week.

Feel free to take a look in the read only here.

And take a look at to learn how to build accordion within webflow.



Looks really good, @Maurice :+1: Thanks for sharing!


Thanks and no problem @nwdsha :smile:

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