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How to create a live Instagram Feed, using Webflow CMS and Zapier

I had a frustrating time finding any information on how to set up a free Instagram integration into Webflow. Following a Webflow live stream, I set up a free integration from Instagram to a Webflow CMS with live updates. This tutorial shows you how to set up the integration and a design example of an Instagram feed in a Webflow CMS collection.

Instagram integration to Webflow using Zapier


Hey @SHAUN656

You have a question or you just showing how to create the feed?

Piter :webflow_heart:

Just showing how to create the feed, was recommend by a Webflow staff when I posted about the topic on a Facebook group. Is there some where else I should post the video?

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I’m asking because the category needs to be show&tell. Thanks for sharing with the community!!!

Okay u will change the category :slight_smile:

@SHAUN656 Hey that’s super cool !
Thanks for sharing, will dig into it :slight_smile:

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That’s great. Thanks for sharing it with us. That’s exactly what I was looking for. I have to try to do such an Instagram integration. Now, I’m working on a website for an online shop and I definitely have to include an example of the Instagram feed. The online shop I’m working with has a nice Instagram page, even though the page doesn’t have a lot of followers at the moment, the moderator found a service that provides Instagram automatic likes and comments and after a good promotion of the page, I’ll make an Instagram integration on the web site. So I hope the tutorial you shared will help me.