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How to create a sticky Nav Menu


Continuing the discussion from Menu at bottom then fixed to top:

Take a look at this

If is that what you are looking for, you just need to duplicate the navBar and rename it:

Then fix it at top and change the Display to None (don't forget to change the z-index too):

Create an interation for the section above the Blocked NavBar (in my case, my Hero Section), to affect the fixed NavBar:
Scroll into view >> Display None
Scroll out of view >> Display Block

That's it :smile:

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Thank you Maximus! Nice tutorial all done with bo problem!


Here result ...


That's it!
Great @Evgeny_Troitsky smile


@maximus I want before scroll down the size of the height is greater than after we scroll down.
like this website, the size of its menu changed after we scroll down :

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