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How to create left sidebar


I like this layout. Having the navigation on the side. I created once section and then placed columns in that but the left column can't be adjusted because webflow auto handles the %. I'm a newbie in understanding this. Thanks for any thoughts. Here is the layout I am talking about


use DIV block 15% left float
use DIV block 85% left float

then within the second div block build your page as usual

Cheers !


This is a full section page with 2 columns inside and div with fixed position on left as a menu with transparent value for background.


Bartek is right, the nav on the left is a fixed Block element. Here's how you would build something like it:


Awesome, this worked out great Thank you!!!!


Sorry I just have a question on the right hand side content. How do I set it up? I'm really new to this....

How do I make my right hand side panel to live right next to my nav?


float: right;


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