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How to create related products list using tags?


Hi All,

I hope someone can help me. It would be greatly appreciated as usual :). I'm building a Shopify powered store and wish to have related products on the product template page. I have a collection for Products and a collection for Product Tags. Each product contains a tag/ tags in a multi reference field.

For the related products dynamic list, I have one filter to say Product is not Current product and I wish to add another one to show only products that contain the current tag. It allows me to say 'Product Tag contains' and i can choose from the list of tags. I am unable to select 'Current Tag' however.

Thanks a lot


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Hi @Niall_Mc_Dermott,

Unfortunately, what you are trying to do, won't work with multi-reference fields. You would have to go to the Product Tags collection template to filter in that way.


Thanks for your response. I already have a filter on the Product Tags page like this:

But I need to introduce the same functionality to the Product page. Would there be any other way to do it?

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