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How to customize slider arrows?

Is there a way to change the look of the Left and Right arrows for Sliders?

Sure, these are just icons inside of a div. Is there something in particular you’re trying to do that you can’t?

How can i change the shape of this icon? I want to use a Three Pointed arrow.
When i double click it, it opens up the Settings panel and doesn’t allow me to edit the arrow icon.

You’ll need a bit of adjustment here since the original slider element comes with icons that can’t be swapped out like normal images.

Below I recorded how you’d go about swapping those out with some images I quickly created, but keep in mind this can be done with any other image element you add in the Designer:

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wow, thank you soooo much for this! :smiley:

No problem, glad I could help!

Please go ahead and mark the thread solved when you get a moment (unless you have some other questions related to the slider icons) so other community members know this has been resolved :metal:

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