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How to delete search page + password protected page?


Dear all,

I just created my first Webflow landing page and when playing around I accidentally added search + password protected page.

Now how do I get rid of this? It appears both in the page panel and after downloading the page, but I don’t need it. Can’t find any way of deleting it…




The password page is always there. The search results page I don’t think can be deleted. But if you don’t have any links to these pages, it shouldn’t matter at all. You can delete those html pages from your export. You can also try saving the search results page as a draft which shouldn’t publish. Sorry I don’t have better news.


Dear DFink,

Thanks for your reply, we I am QUITE certain at the beginning I only had ONE “index.html” and that was it. I am certain about the search page was not there.

So if it’s possible to add those pages, should be possible to remove them as well, isn’t it @Webflow?