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How to display data of my WebFlow CMS into a select field form?

Hello guys, Is there any way to use data of my CMS in a form select field?
I searched a lot and probably I will need to use embeded code.

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You already know the answer then haha. Jokes apart,I’m pretty sure that there’s not a native way to achieve what you’re going after natively, meaning that you will need to embeds

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made a video for your @Victor_Mattoso :slight_smile:


thx a lot pixelgeek! do you also have a solution for saving collection items you like in a tempory file/cookie : look to this post… what is the extern code? look to my post and website
for an example… I should like to make a pizzas-I-like possiblity for a webshop.

thanks a lot to make this possible

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Thanks a lot!!
You really helped me out!

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I want do something complicate:
I have staffs under each gallery. i need people be able to send form who they meet. So I need them select the gallery, then select the staff under it. I did a graph but not sure where to fill in the value. I am not a programmer, but Is there a manual i can study?

it would help a lot if you shared the code on this page/the video @PixelGeek, but thanks anyhow!

This is amazing @PixelGeek :slight_smile:

I have a country list, with 250 countries. Is it possible to work around the limit of 100 items pr page? And is it possible to have different Text and Value?