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How to display data of my WebFlow CMS into a select field form?

Hello guys, Is there any way to use data of my CMS in a form select field?
I searched a lot and probably I will need to use embeded code.

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You already know the answer then haha. Jokes apart,I’m pretty sure that there’s not a native way to achieve what you’re going after natively, meaning that you will need to embeds

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made a video for your @Victor_Mattoso :slight_smile:


thx a lot pixelgeek! do you also have a solution for saving collection items you like in a tempory file/cookie : look to this post… what is the extern code? look to my post and website
for an example… I should like to make a pizzas-I-like possiblity for a webshop.

thanks a lot to make this possible

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Thanks a lot!!
You really helped me out!

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I want do something complicate:
I have staffs under each gallery. i need people be able to send form who they meet. So I need them select the gallery, then select the staff under it. I did a graph but not sure where to fill in the value. I am not a programmer, but Is there a manual i can study?

it would help a lot if you shared the code on this page/the video @PixelGeek, but thanks anyhow!

This is amazing @PixelGeek :slight_smile:

I have a country list, with 250 countries. Is it possible to work around the limit of 100 items pr page? And is it possible to have different Text and Value?


Great video! @PixelGeek
I would like the option value to get the value from one CMS field and get the option name from another CMS field. Both the name and value are in the same CMS item.

Example: Name: City, Value:“60017a1484ac3f6d53bed535”

Is there a way to get this to work with a multi-select drop down?