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How to embed files hosted on Github

Anyone find out how to host JS files on other CDNs like amazon for example?
What are the list of allowed origin domains that webflow can link to?

I really with webflow had CORS support!!

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, now this solution is not working?

Hi :slight_smile:
Im sorry to bother you, but i tried to follow your tutorial but it seems RawGit isnt accepting new repos. Is there another way to do this? i know little to nothing about java and have no clue on how to use jsDelivr and simmilar CDNs.

Can you please help. :slight_smile:

See Public Service Announcement: Rawgit Shutting Down

Hello! I am tryindo to do that, but I have this issue:
" 403 Forbidden

RawGit will soon shut down and is no longer serving new repos. Please visit for more details."
What I have to do? Thank you!

How are we going to do now that rawgit is not working any longer?

Please see the link I posted above. is end of life, is a drop in replacement.

Change URL from or to


can you update guide to include github Pages instead of rawgit? github pages is most likely to stay up

Guys, I am just curious, are there any gitlab users here? After I read this, it seems to me that it also is a nice option for some projects. Do you have any experience with it?

I have large svg file that now is hosted on gist as per your instructions. What code do i need to wrap on webflow page. PS I already have style and script loaded in another embed block on page

@erics Put it in an image tag, in an embed code component:

<img src="">

This no longer works as has shut down. Any alternatives?



Is there no solution, where i can add my custom scripts to the CDN of Webflow? Just to avoid some more HTTP requests? Or is Webflow already using HTTP 2?

You can’t host your own JavaScript files on the Webflow CDN. But you can use the page custom code, or custom code elements to add your JavaScript straight into your project.

Yeah, i know. But i’m not a fan of a lots of inline javascript and multiple resources loaded. Thats why i asked if there is maybe a Webflow Javascript Function to push certain resources to their CDN. Would be a useful feature. But i think its the performance matters are too small to have such a feature.
I mean 2 CDN instead of one is still not the best solution :slight_smile:

Not sure if it still works, but I’ve done it before. You can upload a text file to your assets, then load that file.

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how do you do that ? i tried getting the url of my text assets but it doesn’t work.

my text url is something like this