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How To Enter Exact Values for Interactions


Hey first timer here. I’m trying out webflow’s free version right now but plan to upgrade to a paid plan soon. I’ve built an entire website on this platform but I’ve run into a few bugs/questions along the way.



I am on the latest versions of Windows 10 and Chrome (hoping we’ll get Firefox support someday).

First of all, I have never been able to enter exact values for any of the interaction fields. Whether I’m trying to change the pixel value of a move animation or set an offset in the interactions tab, I can’t input exact values with my keyboard and must resort to using the sliders every single time. This method doesn’t allow enough accuracy for my use case and I don’t think it was the intended functionality anyway.

Another issue I’ve noticed is that it seems to be impossible to delete text spans once I set them. Even if I try reverting the style changes I made and using “remove class,” the designer still shows the text being wrapped in a span.

A problem of lesser importance is that it seems I can’t switch slides in slider widgets using the arrows while in the designer. This was shown to be possible in one of the crash course videos, so does anyone know why it’s not working for me? (See Gallery Section in Mobile - Landscape mode)

Finally, I just have a question about exporting code. The main reason I chose webflow over other CMS/WYSIWYG tools is because it advertised giving users control of the actual code. I usually develop websites by hand, so I’m hoping to hear from someone who has exported code from webflow and actually worked with it - how clean/semantic is it? There’s a lot of functionality/customization that I just can’t seem to get done with the designer, so I’m wondering how hard it would be to add some custom css/js.

Lastly, how does the annual billing work? Do I just pay the entire sum up front for an entire year?

Sorry, lots of questions all coming out at once.

Thank you!

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Hey @Mako

Welcome to the forums! The site is looking great for your first, super impressed.

I’ll try and answer some of these!

(1) I am not sure of your issue with the exact values in the interactions. You should be able to set enter the values as you require. Are you trying to get really specific with decimals eg 32.22 px? Or it just won’t let you type into the field?

(2) I agree it’s not perfect, but the easiest way is to just highlight that text that includes the span and delete it the line, this will delete the included span as its highlighted.



(3) You parent wrapper of the slider (Div Block 18) was hidden. When I changed this to flex I could see the slider and also change the slides using the slider arrows, or clicking the specific slide.

(4) I am not a developer, I work with them everyday tho - we’ve exported a number of sites for developers to add functionality when required. Feedback is that it is super clean, really no issues with it. By default webflow minifys the code, but of course you can turn this off. Had some issues with form blocks, but we’ve worked it out now. Other than that, it’s honestly its so good and developers will love it. For example, I recently build this: and as you can see would completely require development outside of webflow.

Hope this helps!


Hi Thomas,
First off, thanks you for your very thorough reply. Also, thank you for your compliments. I am still learning so this was kind of an experiment with animations on scroll.

I am actually not trying to put decimals or anything specific. It just wont let me type into the field at all. So far I’ve noticed this only occurs in the Interactions tab.

I tried to reproduce your results by following your video step by step. Unfortunately I have the same problem:

I’m not sure, but I think these issues might be bugs that have something to do with my browser/operating system.

About the code export - I am glad to hear that you have received positive feedback from your devs. That makes me feel more confident about trying the process out myself. That scale of that tennis website you built is impressive! I definitely see what you mean about requiring development outside of webflow.