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How to export a CMS based webflow site to a static site


The webflow CMS is great. Sometimes, however, one has the case that the customer no longer wants to use the site as a CMS. How do you get to the content without rebuilding everything?

As a “producer” of conference websites, we often have this case. One year after the conference, the website is only stored as an archive - CMS functions are no longer required.

The following description refers to the working environment: Apple Mac OS and a terminal that can handle wget. If your terminal does not understand wget, you can install it via homebrew.

  • visit the project settings in webflow

  • deactivate CDN, minify and combine

  • open the terminal on your mac

  • check if wget is working (of not, you have to assure)

  • navigate to your planned target folder

  • use the following wget command:


  • „—span-hosts“ is important if files are outside of your own host (fonts, scripts, etc.)

  • „—domains“ regulates on which pages may be searched. Look in the source code of the Webflow page for the relevant URLs.
    IMPORTANT! If that is not set precisely, you will not get all the files - or - you’ll download half the internet :slight_smile:

  • Something gets wrong? You have to kill the command?
    killAll -9 wget

  • you probably get the *.js and *.css encrypted. Then just pull them from your webflow source code. This are only 2 files.

You should have the appropriate directories in your target directory after the download. The internal linking should also work.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



Dear tkwebreform,

Thanks for your post, we as an event organizer are actually in EXACTLY the same situation.

Unfortunately I could not get wget installed on my MacBook. Homebrew I got it, but wget I google for a way to install it and always ended up with some errors. :-/

Also the actual wget command I am not sure how that would work? Write it without line breaks? What are all these urls and the numbers [1], [2] and [3] representing?

Command would be something like that?

wget –mirror –page-requisites –convert-links –span-hosts –domains

For now I got a work around by download the page from webflow and using the app Sitesucker + some manual code fixing.