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How to Fix Grid Spacing Issue



I am trying to reduce the margins of the grid components to match my actual design. I am unable to fix it. Please help.

Here it is on Webflow:

Here it is on Photoshop:

Here is my Webflow Project:



Hi Chethankvs,

You could try to use Dynamic listing to get your BG on your collection item instead of using an image component, you have much more control using a background on a div in general, Images component have aspect ratio issues in some cases.

Also I find the combo container and columns rather limiting in most cases, you may want to try the divs and flexbox combo, much more freedom.




I am new to Webflow so I am not aware of a few terms.

Can you tell me where I can find this Dynamic Listing option?
Also, I tried using Div blocks but I was not able to place the 3 boxes in such fashion. And the content is driven from CMS. How do I incorporate that in Div Block?



you can check the page margin settings that cause to your page


I did try. If you dont mind can you take a look and share the exact settings?


Hello @Chethankvs

First of all your images have space around them. See bellow

I think the problem comes from here. I’ts better to use divs with background image like @ColibriMedia suggests.

First remove the space around the images. Next you can use divs or link blocks with background photos and add a radius and shadow to mach your design.



Awesome Thanks. I see the Problem.

Another Question. How do I arrange the div blocks in such a fashion with 1 columns and 2 rows? Should I use the Flex Mode?


I can show you :wink: Using flex box is way better.


Please do. Its easier to understand when I see it :slight_smile:


Absolutely! Here’s how it looks right now

The body is another color so you can see the shadow. I will show you what I’ve done.



Okey, here’s my approach:

Check the video and tell me if you have problems >

I think with video is better, but my mic is not working…You will do it :muscle:



Great video @PiterDimitrov. Hopefully CSS-Grid will be released soon.


OMG! You are a Life Saver!

I am very very grateful.



Yeaa will be very very nice! Flex box is amazing too :blush:


Thank you! Happy to help