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How to get Favicon to show in search results

Google states that in order for a favicon to show on the google search results for your site, the favicon must be a multiple of 48x. Webflow requires favicons to be 32x. How can I get my favicon to show in google search results with my webflow site?

Here is the link from google addressing their requirements:

I found out that Webflow is only accepting 32x32 and not svg favicons. Google request a svg or at least a 48x48 sized favicon.
Does anybody have an advice for me to make a workaround?
Thanks a lot

Generate an icon, load to assets, then add custom code in your Before body site settings.

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" sizes="48x48" href="/assetpath-to-your-favicon-48x48.png">
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That was a great advise. Working now. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: