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How to Have Multiple Products on One Page

Hi, I’m currently struggling with my site’s product page. I want to display all of my products at once with add to cart buttons for each.

Here is the link:

Is it possible to have multiple Add to Cart buttons with quantities for each product card?

How can I create an eCommerce page that allows me to do so without creating individual product pages for each item?

Thank you!

Hey Stefano! Welcome to the Community!

If I’m understanding what you want correctly, yes, this should be no problem. For starters, can you share your read-only link? See how to do so here:

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Thank you for reaching out!!

Here it is

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See here:

Obviously what I built needs to be styled, but is this what you’re looking for? All your products on a single-page with add-to-cart buttons for each?

If so, totally doable! Are you familiar with using the CMS / Collection Lists? If so, that’s exactly the method I used to build this! Drop a Collection List into a static (non-CMS page) of your choosing, select your Products collection as the source, and you’re set! You can drop in all the elements you want, style it, and then add the Add-to-Cart component to finish things off.

Let me know if I misunderstood anything!

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Yes! It’s possible to style them as I had it originally right?

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Also Thank you for the video demo!

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Yep! Most definitely can do that. You can use the same classes and do everything pretty much exactly as you’ve been doing it. The only thing that you do different is that you need to start with dropping in a collection list! That’ll allow you to handle all your dynamic items with ease and show all products. (I think there’s a limit of 100 items on a page per collection list, but it doesn’t look like you’ll reach that with your current set up.)

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Thank you so much for your help, I’ve been stuck on this problem for about a week now

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No prob! Don’t ever hesitate to ask – that’s what the community is here for! :smile:

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By the way – the website looks great. Strong work!

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Big thanks! Took me a while to figure everything out haha

Also, I have a few questions:

In the collection, how would Webflow know the price of each item in the collection? and which fields should I add for the product?

Thanks again!

or do I create a product collection and when I drop in collection list I refer it to the product collection?

See below - hopefully this helps!

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gonna test this out rn, you’ve been a huge help, thank you once again man

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