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How to have parent div block overlay child



I am having trouble on my webflow template having the grey parent div block overlay over its own white child element even though the child’s z-index is less? Thanks


I’m not sure what you are trying to do here. If you want them to be independent, just make a wrapper div and position them relative or absolute within that wrapper and control the z index independently.


I’m trying to have the child element, Div Block 132, always be slightly larger (105%) than the parent element, Div Block 129, so when I change the parent element, the child changes size too. So far I have accomplished this but I can’t seem to have the parent element show through the child element no matter what I change the Z-index to. Any ideas?


Here’s an article on how css works for this.

Why don’t you make the smaller element the child instead of the larger one since you want that on top?