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How to increase transition value beyond 2000ms


I believe the Webflow dev team have capped the max limit for transition effects to 2000ms, is their a way to increase this using custom code?

What i am trying to do is create a hover effect for a div that has a background img, on hover the img moves to the right. I want this to happen over 10000ms. Would be great if i could enable this in custom code.



how about changing "ms" to "s"

s = seconds.


yup that works! thanks @PixelGeek


Hahahahaha I needed that yesterday, I went up to 450000ms (:

You owed me one since the VH (-;


I went up to 450000ms

wow. careful doing anything "over 9000."


Care to elaborate?

It was for my planets rotations around the sun... the slowest takes 45 seconds to rotate.


over 9000..... its a meme =P

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