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How to make a buggy fixed background on Chrome to work properly


Hallo, I have a background image for main page

and another one for the page which says "Want to know about incoming concerts and releases?" (scroll down a little)

But in Chrome, only the second one works flawlessly, but the main one doesn't work fluidly, why is that? I think both are with exactly same settings...

Thanks a lot!



Can you share your public link please? There is something I'd like to check...


Thanks Vicent!


You have a slider with only 1 slide. Can you rework the header section so the fixed background is set on a higher element, possibly directly on the section background, the section being just under the body?


Thanks a lot! I'll try and let you know.


One thousand thanks... I just had a messy slider inside an slider, so I just took one away and put the background pict in the left one.

Now is perfect.
Thanks a lot again.


Ah that is great thanks for your feedback, going to be helpful for others to fix this issue.

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