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How to make a static content element editable on the CMS editor


Just wondering if anyone has already done this or knows what is the best practice of doing so.

My #JTBD - Job to be done is ....

Client originally wanted wordpress on backend, I've managed to show him the webflow CMS (aka #theLIGHT #winkwink )
and as of such, its not just a blog section that will be CMS driven, but the whole site he wants the ability to go in and change up if he so wishes.

so..... this essentially means that I have to make EVERY Object editable by the CMS? 1st off, is this POSSIBLE?

I'm just working my way through the CMS overview video ( great btw > )

but jsut wondering if anyone else has had to investigate and find a way to do this for a client or project -&+or- any Webflow 'amazeBalls' team staff that can shed some light on this Job I'm trying to get done with your tool - Webflow (another aka #myNewBESTIE )

thanks guys + gals!


Click on a static element.

press CMD+E (or windows CTRL+E)

Now that content is editable. :wink:


@pixelGeek - what is this magic you talk of?

:smile: thank you Sir - my webflow sprint adventure awaits me no more!

p.s Is there a shortcut key to bring up the DDM - Dynamic Data - slide out panel?



I have a big.Hero image in a div, but I can't seem to make this 'editable' with the CTRL + E, are there limitations that I need to know about. I'm wanting my client to be able to change the background image within a div with this?

I'm sometimes getting conflicts with other apps with the shortcut CTRL + E ( damn evernote clipper - even after I turn off the shortcut key(s) )

Is there a non shortcut way to make an object 'content editable' - I can't seem to find any help files on this ;(



Select your content then click on settings, screenshot below:

It works the same way for images, just check the box. I just happened to use a Text Field for this example.