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How to make links in lightbox widget clickable or give me some amazing stuff to reference for creating custom lightbox, please :)


Please, please, please, tell me that there is now a way for one to center align a link and make it clickable in the lightbox widget, now :smiley:

Of all the awesomeness and ninja magic :star2: that is webflow, that has been one of the few thorns, which I, to some degree, find it comical that it's the lightbox widget :joy:

If you tell me the only way I can get the 2 links to work is to custom build a lightbox, pretty please give me:

  • video tutorials

  • a template I can poke around in

  • some amazing examples to be inspired by....if I have to create a whole lightbox because I can't, nor anyone else, click just a couple of links (looks vey unprofessional and like I don't know what the heck I'm doing), it may as well be amazing :blush:

Best and thank you in advance,


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Hi @nathanphilsteele,

Can you expand a bit on what you are trying to create? I'm slightly confused apologies :slight_smile: .

Whatever it is, it sounds like you will need a custom lightbox, and I can show you how to do that but I probably need a better understanding of what you are trying to create.

Let me know,




  • Can you help me make them interlinked as well, like the lightbox widget does?

I want people to be able to click the link in the below screenshot. Centered instead of left align would be awesome as well. Honestly, just seems like a lot of work because one little feature is missing.

I really appreciate the help @Arthur




That interlinking is a powerful feature, and I'd hate to loose it.

  • How hard would it be to setup the webflow lightbox widget description field to be able to take good ol' HTML and render it correctly, at least until there is higher priority to give designers access to customize the lightbox widget like all other aspects of webflow? ( that interlinking is a powerful feature to have to sacrifice in order to build a custom lightbox.)

i.e <a href="> your link here</a></center> (left out the " behind the link so that code would show)




Really, all that I need now to make my site "complete" for now, it will always evolve, of course, is to get those links in the light box centered and clickable while still keeping it interlinked.

Any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:




Hello? You guys going to leave me hanging?


Hi @nathanphilsteele you may need to try instead building out a Slider element which opens when you click on an image. Then you'll have full freedom to build out elements in the slider rather than try implement custom code for the lightbox.


Hi @Waldo,

Will I be able to interlink them if I go that route?




I feel like the boogie man when I ask for help with this. Ha!




Somebody please give me a solid answer with some links, or how-tos, code, etc.:rage:
(it's been over a month and a half...time for some real resolution :star2:, please )



I would be wiling to pay for help, at this point, to accomplish what I want




$150 via Paypal to whomever helps me to get this working for me.





You want the lightbox thumbnails to always be centered to the current item, is that right?

The bug has already been reported here, and I even provided a fix:


Hi @samliew,

wanting to center the link in the caption and have it be a live link that links out to the website that it's a link for...also, want to do this while keeping the images interlinked as they currently are





Yes, the Webflow lightbox component's caption is not linkable by normal means as it is inserted by the setting panel. If you'd like I can write you a custom script. PM me with more details of all the features you need.



Thank you! @samliew


It looks great! Thank you @samliew! :trophy:


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