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How to make links to IDs to scroll to the top with a vertical menu?


Hi there, i have changed this template into a Onepage-Layout.
Now I am trying to link the left navbar to sections in the Layout.
It works fine in Tablet and Mobile but in Desktop it only jumps to the first
pixels of a section making it impossible for the user to see what he clicked.

I figured it must be a problem with the left navbar. It seems to align the bottom end of the navbar to the content inpage link. Does anyone have a clue how i can work around this problem?

thanks guys!!!


That's a situation the Webflow developers have envisioned.

  1. select the menu
  2. tell Webflow the menu is vertical and full page, and to nuke the offset.
  1. enjoy the links working perfectly


Wow that's awesome mate! Thanks for the fast help vincent!


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