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How to modify the cart layout and change svg icon color

Salut tout le monde,

I am testing Webflow and find myself with 2 problems.

1 . How to access the cart template? Right now it is ok when open on a single product page, but ugly when open on the homepage.

  1. What is the best option for icons? I am using svg but can not change the color.
    How should I go about it? What is the simplest alternative to svg in Webflow ?

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Hey, Lena!

  1. Here is the answer

  2. To use SVG for all vector images and style it in Figma before the upload. SVG is a best solution for icons, logos, patterns, etc.


Thank you Nikita :slight_smile:

I have a follow up question: The icons are also links. How styling the svg in Figma works with hover? I mean I want the icon to change color on hover any idea