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How to Multiple reference the same collection


I have a collection with a multiple reference field. I really want to reference other topics in the same collection, but the field do prevent that. Why is that, and is it possible to either solve that or work around it, and if so how?

Thanks alot

CMS Reference: Will it be possible to add reference fields to the same collection we are in?

Have anyone had the same issue before? :smile:


Hey Rasmus,

do you have any visual data in order to see what you mean? (screenshot or anything)?



I can't seem to pick from the same collection, the picker is inserted into.
My usecase is an idea, who has related ideas from the same collection.


Seems like a legit use case?


Haha we've been working on this feature (being able to reference the same collection) for a while now and it's getting really close to completion. :smile: It's definitely very useful.


Sweet! Do you have a rough estimate for a release? :smile:


Awesome. Thank You :smile: This will be super helpful!


Do you have a estimate for this feature? I'm currently on a semi tight deadline, where an answer would help.

Thank you


Hey guys! We launched this feature yesterday. Here are the details:

Closing this topic in favor of that one. :beers:

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