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How to record high-quality animated GIFs


Just a tip for anyone interested in recording interface GIFs like this:

You can use this super userful cross-platform (Windows and Mac) utility to do this:

cc/ @DesignerDiana

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I thought you guys used a Chrome extension, thanks for the tip @callmevlad!! smile


Yeah this is awesome @callmevlad!


Another tool that can be used to capture motion is Quickcast. It caps videos at 3 minutes but it should be more than enough for simple bug reports, or how-to screencasts.



Is there a windows alternative to that?

Licecap is nice though.

But wondering of others out there. smile


Here's another one:

It would be great if there was a way to pause videos. I was just thinking about it last week with the class/selector changes announcement.


If you don't wanna use Chrome extension, you may try ShowMore, it provides a web-based screen recording function, and it also supports recording in GIF format.


Thanks for sharing, Winfrecruze. This online tools seems very innovative and easy to use.