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How to remove a trgger


I’m using a template and it has a trigger on the first paragraph of text, I don’t see how to remove the trigger. Please send me updated training on triggers since the new back office was released,

I want to know step by step exactly what to click on becuase when I click on the trigger icon for that section, it says there is no trigger there, but there is.

Steve G


Please add read-only link + page name + The name of the element (Or screenshot).

No way to answer like this. Docs about this issue:

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Many templates still use Legacy (IX1).
Most IX1 interactions and triggers will not show up on the IX2 panel.

To access IX1 click on ‘Legacy Interactions’

Inside of legacy interactions list, you should see triggers that you can easily repurpose or delete.

@Siton_Systems shared some good material.

I also might advise spending 30 minutes refresher course on IX2

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I clicked on the item that has the interaction icon, and i turned on legacy interactions, but it says NONE. I had already tried that before posting. Any other ideas?


Again add real only link. Its very hard to guess why. Or even share the template name and screenshot of the area with the trigger.

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Do you refer to Hover states?

Please share screenshots and/or share links