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How to remove Ecommerce Template Pages From SEO

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This is just one of the many search engine optimization tips I have provided over the years. All of my search engine optimization tips are meant to be specific, shouldn’t take too long to implement, and are meant to get right to the point. search engine optimization tip, how to remove a webpage from Google, is for removing a specific page or URL from the Google search engine.

Remove a page from the index

To remove a specific page, add the code snippet in the code of that page.

  1. Go to Page panel → Page settings → Custom code
  2. Paste the code: <meta name="robots" content="noindex">
  3. Save and publish

In your case, you would do this to all templates created by the installation of the e-commerce feature.

You can also update your robots.txt file to exclude those pages which will tell search engines not to crawl them.

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And what would that code be then?

It was hidden since it was a copy paste operation from the Webflow University where the link was pointing to.

thanx for clarifying

Hello All,

I have added the custom code to the pages needing removing & waited some time for the google crawler to recrawl the site. You can see that the page still exists in Google search engine however when you click on it it tells you the page no longer exists.

You can see from this screen shot that wehn one searches the business name and the name of the original template, I get the undesireable old copy from the ecommerce pages.

Clicking on the link give you an error 404 page. The page itself exists but it is removed from serach indexing and there is absolutely nothing on the page anymore.

This page was cached back in november but the rest of the site has since been cached by the Google trawler multiple times. I do not know why it hasnt updated this page.

Perhaps this is something to take up with Google support & not an issue Webflow is capable of solving?


If you have set pages to not index via the meta robots tag then you have done your part. You can give Google a nudge using the Google Search Console

Then wait.

Ok Jeff, Thanks very much I have been waiting too long now (3 months) and have given the nudge on serach console aready but will try again.

Thanks, @webdev for sharing a unique technique.