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How to replace some resource from google?


I came from china and made a test website. I want to visit it in mainland china.
Unfortunatly Google is banned from China...., that means we can't visit google at all and can't get any resource from google. I found the link of "jquery.min.js" was from google. Please have a look at the scrren shot i attached .The file can't load and was colored red.

How to solve this problem ? Who can help me? I am a free user. Thanks a lot.


Disclosure: I'm not from webflow and I know barely nothing in JS

Hi WF uses Google CDN to call jquery libraries. You can still call another, adding a script in the custom code HEAD section of your website (on the dashboard).

Something like this: <script src="//"></script>

Found it on Google, hopefuly the jquery domain isn't blocked from China.

Didn't I read this week that China is opening to Google finally?


host it on a local china server.

src="// <--- no http(s) - I thought this was a open to http and https...
- so you didn't have to specify the call. it would try one then the other ?


Thanks very much , It works fine now.