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How to SEO website wallpapers on phone

Hi everybody
I am having a website about phone wallpapers. I want people to know more about my site, does anyone have any good methods? Please give me suggestions. I need people who have experience in this field only.
Thank you!

Hi @masury

Have you built your site in Webflow? If you can share a link, some members could take a look. You can also search the forum (icon top right) or look at the SEO guide on

You can share your website URL…

Did you registered your site on Google Webmaster?

You should use content near your wallpapers and put your KW in that content and also use same kw in your title than try to make atleast 3 back links with variety of Kw for e.g your KW is pubg jacket use that with variations like pubg black leather jacket, pubg black jacket, pubg black genuine leather jacket etc