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How to start SEO with my website?


Hello Webflow members,

Good day to all! I hope everyone here is doing well so far. I need your help with one of my website. I would like to start SEO for it. I am not many experts in SEO. So this time I need your help. The website is based on E-Commerce which provides Kratom Powder and Capsules to the customers. Kratom is a kind of supplement which is used to recover pain and mental depression. The website is here.

So what do you suggest guys? Thanks for your time!


I think this is not a Webflow website, is it? I see woocomerce template O.o


Can you give me some advice about SEO?


did you speak Spanish? I wrote a lot about that on our company blog

use the google translate tool :slight_smile: all this articles will help you


Sure, I will. Thanks!



I can help to do SEO this e-commerce website. I have some details so you can use to during SEO for this website. this details you can get the better traffic for your website and get the leads for that.

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There are many steps to be followed before starting the SEO for a particular website.The steps to be followed includes:

1.Analyse the website
2.Study and analyse about the competitors.
3.Conduct keyword research
4.Conduct SEO audit
5.Start working on on page activities and optimise the website to SEO friendly if it is not.
6.After on page activity start doing Off Page techniques to improve the ranking.

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Its is good to hire a digital marketing company like Swaragh Technologies


Is this paid method or free? I have heard that paid method isn’t always good.


It is Free method. And you don’t have to choose paid method. You can work easily on free method and get the best result.


If want to do SEO as yourself, then firstly you should analyze the website and start with ON -page SEO tricks. After that you can make backlinks with help of Off-page techniques.

Or If you are searching professionals for SEO Services, then You can also choose search engine optimization services


Surely, we will give. It is very easy to get traffic for your website. So please concentrate on the below provided lines to improve your website traffic.

Structure your website for your target keywords
Make sure that each page has Google-friendly content
Frame your title tags for each primary keyword
Set up Google Analytics and add your website to Google’s Search Console
Reach out to friends and influencers to build links
Build a long term strategy to produce ongoing SEO results

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I can recommend you to make an analysis of your competitors and build your SEO strategy due to the information you will get. That`s a first step you need to make - to analyze your competitors.

On page SEO:

  1. keywords density on each landing
  2. check their meta tags
  3. internal and external links
  4. the structure of the content

You can use some free seo audit tools for such purposes, for example, It will provide you all the necessary information about your competitors` on page seo strategy.

Off-page SEO:

  1. check competitors backlinks
  2. anchors: percentage of backlinks with text anchors, branded and naked links (exact URLs)
  3. dofollow / nofollow links
  4. types of links they use

For these purposes, you can try such backlink checker tools like Ahrefs or Semrush.


The SEO strategy may vary if the website is based on woo-commerce?


Have tried those one already. But still not getting desired results. Actually I would like to ensure how much traffic I am getting when I started link building for my website. Which one is the best tool to do that?


I’m not interested to hire someone for my project or an agency. Thanks!


I would like to try this method. Can you please give me some more details. :slight_smile:


Yeah thanks. On page is done already. Need to work with off page right now. What strategy do you suggest buddy?


I would like to tell that you should approach social bookmarking, directory submission sites in order to create backlinks for your website.
But before that you have to research keywords, you can use Google Keyword planner. Make sure to go with long tail and low competition keywords. Also, you can track your website performance on Google Analytics.

This will help your website for high rank and SMO and SMM can be utilised for generating sales and leads.

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What’s your suggestion for my new website USA Botanical. I already started working on it. Joined few social media websites like- FB, Twitter, LinkedIn. G+, Pinterest. Posting regular content there creating a social profile with website logo. But still not getting the good results.