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How to stop nested class when create a new one?


Hey everyone,

I trying to create a new class after 2 others

Like you can see my new class 'silver right' whant to be nested in 'First block' but i don't want that, cause i want to use the same class after a other 'Silver block' but not with the class 'First block' in it.

I don't undersand how can i do this simple thing frowning

So i'm Stuck!

Thanks for your help


Create it separatly smile Add object, apply styles you wish to have, delete the object and apply the class to the selector you wish. That's the simpliest solution wink


Thanks you for your very quick answer !

I had thought this solution but i thought that was a better way to do it.

Thanks again


Hi @xanalex68 I feel your pain! It would be great to rearrange or move styles easily. We want to build that into our style manager.

For now you will have to go to the style manager and delete that style (btw: you cant have any classes with that style attached to it to delete it):

And then make sure it's the second nested one, not the third.

I hope this helps!


I saw already how to remove class and i have try to drap and drop this same class under other one smile for nested or not this one.

Any way, thanks for your anwers i do the @bartekkustra solution for now smile


Any information when an update for this will happen?


I would also like to have an option to choose wether the new class is nested or not.


Hope to see this implemented soon!


I sure can't wait for this to be updated! In my opinion, updating these things in the style editor would add by far the greatest value to Webflow. If it were up to me, building out the style editor would be first priority as far as updates to the UI.


Yes a litte update where helpful. wink

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