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How to submit a bug report


Every time you share a bug report you are directly contributing to improving our design, code, educational resources, customer support and so much more.

We read and reply to every report that comes through this channel so the more feedback the better. Below are a couple things to include in your bug report (when possible):

  1. Link to your site or project
  2. Screenshots, screencasts, animated gifs, your photoshop designs, anything and everything that will help us visually track down the problems in question (CloudApp is a great free tool for this)
  3. Console errors. This helps us tackle the problem right away. Include a screenshot or console report when possible.
  4. Browser type and version number. We go through a lot of browser support updates - your specific version may be left out. Let us know so we can resolve it.
  5. Operating system type and version number. Sometimes an issue can surface that is caused by a system/machine error.
  6. Previous experiences that may be similar. Let us know anything you know - trust me, the more information, the better.

Thank you for always giving your feedback. We depend on it.


No `cursor: pointer` on RichText Image Link
Link block elements are not showing underline in preview mode
Unable to scroll to bottom of style manager tab
Interactions are not running while in Preview mode
Unable to upload images in rich text element
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