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How to upload an animated GIF which is larger than 4 MB to webflow. is there any way to rasie 4 MB limit bar?


why would webflow constrains all image size at under 4MB, can this be large somehow.


Even above 2Mo you should use a MP4 video and the bg video component instead of a gif. Gif is not only heavy, it’s very consuming on the visitors’ end.


hi, vincent
thanks for replying. is there any way to raise the 4mb bar.


What’s the best way to convert a gif into a mp4?


No. You can host the file somewhere else, like Dropbox or any file server, then use custom code to call it.


The best way is to find the source of the animation and go from there.

If you can’t, you can open an animated gif in Photoshop and export it as a video. And there must be a lot of tools available to do the same.