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How to use External API via json with Webflow CMS


Hello all,

Got a personal side project I want to utilize the CMS as a database for modern board games and related media content. There’s a popular site called Board Game Geek that is a repository for all BG data and forums. I’d like utilize their API to dynamically bring in information about a game into a CMS Collection template. I know that I can fallback on Zapier as a plan B if necessary, but I’d rather GET the info dynamically rather than push it into the Webflow CMS once.

When I run the api through Paw, I get the following so the API is working perfectly.

In the example, I used id=84876 to pull data for The Castles of Burgundy board game.

I’ve yet to find good code I can inject and the appropriate calls to replace the elements on the Webflow cms page. I understand the gist of what needs to happen but haven’t found a good place to learn how to implement it. Here’s where I could use some help either directly or point me towards a good forum post or tutorial that I can follow. As it’s a personal project I’m not able to pay for web dev, so any direction is appreciated. @samliew @vincent @cyberdave


Not asking for a handout, but really just need some good training material that I can walk through. Thanks.


I’m working on a event site in webflow and want to pull event listings from a 3rd party via API :face_with_monocle:


maybe @jasondark can make a youtube video on how to make that work


Yea great idea, I’ve been thinking about doing a video on this as there don’t seem to be any examples on line.


@jasondark That would be most welcome. :raised_hands:


I’ll be your accountability buddy :smiley:


Yea let me know if you think of a cool API I could use as an example to get data from and put into a Webflow CMS collection. I was thinking maybe the cat api.


Following! :raised_hands:
I am currently working on a project and have been trying to find some materials regarding this matter (populating Webflow CMS using external API via json).