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How to use flexbox to align & center feature grid


Hey guys,

I have the following feature grid set up:

Is there a way to vertically center all images so that they’re perfectly aligned with each other? Every image is at a different position right now, as shown in the screenshot.

Here’s how I have it set up. I have the flex parent:

And then I have the flex children as flex items:

Each flex item contains the image and heading as shown in the first screenshot.

Here is my read-only link:

Thanks guys!


Hi @jkniep

Can you update your post with the page it’s located on please? :smiley:. There’s a lot of pages there!


Yes! It’s called China Sourcing Trip


You can give a minimum height of 100px to the text wrapper as it’s the text that is causing the images to be mis-aligned.

If you change the text size you’ll need to adjust this accordingly of course.



Thank you so much! This worked!