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How/when does Webflow takes their 2% transaction fee?


Hi Guys

I’m really struggling to find basic info re Ecommerce. In particular, I would like to understand how/when Webflow takes their 2% transaction fee?

I’ve built a store for a client in my account, but clearly don’t want to be getting billed 2% of all the clients orders.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?


Hello @RugbyWebDesign

I think that the 2% transaction fee is based on the plan you’re using. See here > > payments section

On plus and advanced plans you don’t have 2% transaction fee

Piter :webflow_heart:


Hi @PiterDimitrov

Yeah, I understand its only on the basic plan, and that’s cool.

My question was how and when do Webflow collect their 2% fee from customer orders?


Webflow will charge 2% from the whole price when a transaction is made, but this only applies to the standard plan. Maybe I can’t understand you :smile:


Hi @PiterDimitrov

Thank you for trying to help me. I fully understand Webflow will charge 2% per transaction.

I have created a store for a client which I have also paid for a years hosting on their behalf. (and billed them accordingly).

But how do Webflow get their 2% cut?

  • Will Webflow keep charging MY credit card every-time a transaction completes?
  • Or will Webflow keep a track of orders and bill me each month?

In either case, that’s not good, because these are client costs. Which means I will have to get my client to create their own Webflow account and transfer the project over to them.

or perhaps…

  • Will Stripe pass on the 2% to Webflow, deduct Stripes own 2% and deposit the remaining 96% into the clients Stripe account?
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That’s a good question. Other E-commerce systems I’ve used in the past that collect a fee from each transaction simply take it off the top and basically deposit the transaction in my bank account minus the fees. So if it were 2% from the e-commerce platform, you would add that to the regular stripe transaction fees (2.9% + .30) for a total of 4.9% +.30. Gateway fees vary but in this case, if the order were for $100, fees would be subtracted and $94.80 would go into my bank account. Not sure if Webflow does it this way or not, can someone confirm?