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HTTPS Not Redirecting for Naked Domain


My site ( ) works/loads correctly when the entered URL is either,, or, but will not properly redirect if the user happens to type (secure naked domain). This could be a potential problem for site visitors. Has anyone had experience with this issue? DNS is configured according to Webflow directions (see attached image).



Same here! I have two websites we’ve just launched and the is not redirecting.


Same here. is an error instead of redirecting to www.


@Great2bnate Could you post a screenshot of your site’s custom domain settings in Webflow?


@Justin_c , please refresh this page, I’ve edited my original post with the screenshot bruh!


Hey @Great2bnate , looks like the screenshot didn’t post


@Great2bnate I see a screenshot of your DNS records from your registrar, but do not see a screenshot of your site’s custom domain settings in Webflow



@Great2bnate everything is redirecting properly for me now. It may have had to do with propagation as it can take 24-48 hours for any DNS changes to fully propagate globally.

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