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Huge images + fixed menu + grid <3


"Where does inspiration come from to compose a song, to write a poem, to make a painting, or even to build a chair?"

Or to build a website like this smile
Please guys, take a look into my new project:



This is awesome, I'm a big fan of this style of design, there's scope for some really cool interactions so you should play around with that if you wanted to!


Nice site @maximus ! It is a unique design and I can see the creative juices were flowing on this one smile

Keep up the good work !


This is beautiful @maximus smile Lovely design & responsive implementation. smiley

It looks like you may need a little anti-aliasing wink stick this in the header/customer code section of the site:

body { -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; }

Awesome work! smiley


Thanks @Arthur @cyberdave @Waldo clap clap clap

@Waldo you are right! Many tks for this trick!
Now I'll review each font size/weight. Tks again :)))


Done @Waldo !!!



Nice job @maximus 😁😁😁😎😎😎 and awesome gif haha wink


Awesome! It looks good smile I like the attention to the typography too.
I did notice that the tooltips that popped up when you interacted with the maps seemed broken. Maybe you just don't have content to fill it out yet?


Hello @MissFortunate!
Sorry for the delay! Tks sooo much for your kindly words and for you amazing attention!
I just fix the mistake I had made. Tks again :smile: