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I can not work in Webflow.... its to slow

Here in the US and Webflow Designer is being this slow for me as well. Can’t even upload new products to a shop. Trying to get a clients Ecommerce function setup so they can continue to be in business during this time and it is not working out.

For me, too. When I try to add a new item to a collection list, it gives me errors (“Could not get site capabilities”). And it’s super slow.


Thanks @TG2 for bringing up the Status Page.

We have updated it now so you may subscribe to updates.

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Hi, all!

Ben here with the Webflow Customer Support Team!

Our engineers are currently working on this and we think we’ve identified the problem, is everyone still experiencing the same issues? Can you try to load the Designer and Dashboard to see if it’s working properly for you now? :webflow_heart:

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super randomly my Dashboard opens. In the last hour I had to stop working on it for at least 6 times

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Hey all,

Just wanted to share some helpful tips on minimizing the lag you may be experiencing. Every so often I get this and I live in uptown Dallas, Texas; with a super fast connection. I have an i7, 16gb memory, so I hardly ever have speed issues on anything dynamic. That being said, I sometimes see lag on all my web-based applications and I take these steps periodically throughout the day.

1. Internet Security:
Disable any/all protection software “real-time scanning”. This MUST be off.

2. Mcafee App Boost:
Total protection upgrade to get this feature. It helps to build a monitor pattern for daily usage, and adjusts over time to allocate CPU, Memory usage.

3. Maintenance:
I use Advanced System Care for continuous maintenance. There are others, but I found this one to be less intrusive and more comprehensive to manage. Honestly, you really need to use a software package like this in conjunction with a security suite. The cleaning, is not revolutionary or complicated, it just prevents “manually” going to through tech steps one by one. Also - DO NOT use the Registry, Disk Optimization or Defrag cleaners EVER. You don’t need to touch the these for any type of daily activity. That’s reserved for spring cleaning so to speak, maybe twice a year.

On these applications, you can see they have a number of tools/features that allow to get granular on your setup. It takes a couple of weeks for the apps to get used to your habits/usage. Right now our smartphones already do this! Think about it, we use them way more than a laptop - but they don’t lag or freeze. It’s doing this automatically with software based on your everyday activity using monitoring. Also “turn this off from running the background after using”. At the end of each day, I run the Scan with those settings and I have it shut down after cleaning.

Here’s a few screenshots.

4. Clear browsing cache:
Every 2 hours or so, I’ll clean the browser cache, close Chrome, and restart. It just helps to keep the Designer from filling up the browser over long periods of time. This is an absolute must throughout the day. It does delete the search history, so back that up if you need to know sites you were searching, or set bookmarks then clean.

5. Browser Tabs:
Try to minimize using the app, while keeping a lot of open tabs. Chrome loads up memory very quickly and it uses a really high CPU percentage.

6. Startup Items:
Be sure to check the start up items, delete or remove anything unnecessary for daily usage. As you can see, there’s nothing in my startup. And the processes are kept to a minimum. End/Stop those you don’t need.


7. Msconfig:
If you’re use to system support, you’ll know about the msconfig dialog. I think on Mac, it’s Activity Monitor and System Preferences. But recheck it to make sure there’s nothing you need running in the background service section.

8. Other applications:
Previously I would use Bridge, Affinity, PS and maybe a PDF software when doing client work. This has caused intermittent lag hanging CPU usage. If I’m not using the app, I just simply close it, to free up CPU for Chrome because it has a really high demand on the processor. Even more so than Photoshop in my experience. Opera is really the smoothest browser anyway, but hey…

In the above Task Manager screenshot, you can see how much a “design” software requires.

9. Browser Extensions:
In addition, disable as many “Extensions” in Chrome as possible. This made a huge difference immediately for me. I really disabled all of them and turned on 1 by 1 to test. Best to disable all when working in the Designer over longer periods.

10. Video Card:
Finally, you really should check this. Without an above average video card. This all is a mute point. Check your card control panel and make sure settings are correct.

Some of you may be familiar with these steps. If you have anything else, please add it so other members can equip with additional tools.

Hope this helps you guys :slight_smile:

Thank you, @magicmark. Much appreciated. I hope the protocol can be updated for future incidents: I’m sure wider use of Webflow Status will give everyone a little hair back, including Webflow & your support teams.


I logged back on, cleared the cache and cookies again, re-logged in, and I got hit with a Connection Error on the second publish (~2:45PM EST).

F12 Console shows a litany of 404 and 504 errors:

If it happens again, I’ll update the Support ticket I created above.


I have having some weird issues with the designer showing different then live site and starting to think this issue may be why.

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I can confirm sporadic and continued issues.

“Could not save…” errors
“Connection Error” errors

The F12 console is chock full of 404/502 (new)/504 errors.

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 502 (Bad Gateway)

/api/rum:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 502 (Bad Gateway)

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 504 (GATEWAY_TIMEOUT)

webflow-designer-bug…min.d3423946bd.js:1 ajax fail ... status: 504, textSTatus: "error", error: "GATEWAY_TIMEOUT", serverMessage: null

webflow-designer-bug…min.d3423946bd.js:1 AJAX FAIL! Http: 504, Status: "error", Error: "GATEWAY_TIMEOUT"

webflow-designer-bug…min.d3423946bd.js:1 "AjaxFail": "GATEWAY_TIMEOUT",
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Almost exactly lining up with the text message I received from Webflow Status (thank you) marking this particular issue resolved, all of my errors have disappeared.

Designer is saving without errors.
Dashboard is loading without errors.
Site is publishing without errors.
F12 Console is clean as can be.


Hey, everybody! :webflow_heart:

This issue should now be resolved! Our engineers were able to track the problem down and deploy a fix!

If you’re still having issues, feel free to reach out to the support team here:


My site has been working great all day, until the last few hours. There are some transitions but it’s not too complicated of a site, it’s only one page and I’ve resized all the photos and there isn’t too much other large content…

I’ve tried clearing my cache, restarting the computer, I’ve tried using Safari v. Chrome, incognito… my internet is around 100mbps but still scrolling and moving elements is very glitchy and slow.
Can you help me trouble shoot further?

Here’s the Read Only

Thank you!!

Still having this issue for e-commerce sites, seeing a few other reports around that this is ongoing?

I’ve also experience a lag in the designer while working on a client website this afternoon. It just started back today as I used webflow all day yesterday with no issue.