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I can't see my form statuses



I’m trying to change the text from my success and error messages but I can’t see them.

Here is an example:

Any idea?


Here is my site Read-Only:


Hi @Jonatan_Centeno

Thanks for posting about this issue. This is a know quirk with the native form component and the team is currently trying to find a solution for this.

Basically the issue happens when elements are nested inside the Form Block, but outside of the Form. I made a quick video for you to show you the quick fix:

Hope this helps and I’ll be sure to post back here when the team has a solution in place.


Hi @Brando,

Don’t worry man, issues doesn’t matter at all with this answers and quick solutions.

Your video helped a lot.

Thanks for your time. Hope you guys can solve it :slight_smile:


EDIT: Now that I can see the alerts, can I change the order? (I would like to place the error message before de send button)


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