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I cant setup Custom Domain

So I’ve just finished setting up our site, but for some reason, I can’t set the custom domain “” that I’ve already bought on GoDaddy. It just shows an error, and then automatically charged me on the hosting plan for, which I didn’t want to do.

Can you please help us regarding our createwebflow.COM custom domain and get back the $15 that was automatically charged?

Hi @CreateWebflow Sophia,

Welcome to the Webflowian community. I am sorry you are having issues.

So the way the system works is that you need to pay for hosting FIRST before you can add your own custom domain. Which in this case would be your domain.

You can in the project settings tell the system not to provide analytics for the domain.

Please lmk, if you need more clarification? You can also reference this:

FYI: Your use of webflow in your domain name is a violation of Webflow’s terms and conditions. I am not an enforcer, since it is not my trademark. I am letting you know so you don’t pour a bunch of resources and marketing into something that can be taken down because of a trademark issue.