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I don't LIKE not being able to LIKE a Close or Archived Post


So it seems

I cannot "LIKE" an Archived or Closed topic.

I'm seeing a lot of Archived and Closed topics lately
- that have gone nowhere (mostly un-implemented feature requests)
- that I'd "LIKE" to comment on
- or at minimum... "LIKE" a post / response

but I cannot. "LIKE" that is..

Why not ?

Just because a post is Closed or Archived...
- doesn't mean the post / response is no longer relevant.

Why not LIKE this post if you agree.

Please stop/avoid closing issues!

You are still able to like a closed topic. See:

Anyway, Wishlist category on this forum is now deprecated. The posts are archived there for reference purposes only (so that you have some time to move/copy your requests over to the new wishlist).


Sam, where is the new wishlist?



The link is on the top nav bar.


Here's an example of a post that someone "wanted to like"...
but couldn't.

A webflow user sent me a pm
- (informing me that) they liked / agreed with my post
- and wanted to show support / agreement what the contents of the post
- but they couldn't respond / like the post.

This is the post in question:

It's archived. No one can like it / agree with it
- Not even me... who created the post.

- this was first time I had seen @uzzer response (in the post mentioned above)...
- and I was going to respond his response...

but alas... you cannot respond to an archived or closed post. :frowning:

Again - just because a post is old / closed / archived
- doesn't mean the post is irrelevant.


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