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I have a collection list on a dynamic page template, and I want to hide a div when there are no list items

Hello everyone! I have a Dynamic Page template for the many Departments of a company. Within the template, I have a “Latest News” section which I’ve wrapped in a div that includes:
An h2 that says “Latest News”, and a collection list of Articles (which has its own CMS collection).

Each Article has a reference field so that I can choose which department the Article is from.

But, not every Department has Articles to show. So, I get an empty state. To solve this, I went to the Article Collection List Item and give that conditional visibility:
Element is visible when Department Equals Current Department

That works, HOWEVER, the gotcha is that it doesn’t get rid of the pagination buttons nor the “Latest News” h2. I get why (since those two elements are actually outside of the collection list) - but is there anyway to hide those elements automatically?

Thank you so much for your help!