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I Lost My Home Page. Can I retrieve?


I accidently clicked make a certain page my Home Page that I didn't want. and I cant figure out how to recover my real home page. Can anyone help.

This is a really bad feature in Webflow because if you accidently click it and then publish your site you lose your home page and I am FREAKING OUT...

Please someone help me.


Hello @JibbyFlow

Please contact if you're unable to find the page. Also, you can always restore your site to a previous version. Typically when you make another page your home page, then your old home page will show up as a page named "Old Home Page" or it will take the name which you gave it if that name was something other than "Home." The page shouldn't just get deleted. smile

Thank you,



I looked everywhere for the Home Page and still cant find it. I logged in and out of my account a few times. Im freaking out man. How do I bring site back to a prior time ?

Thank You


Hey @JibbyFlow

Go to your site settings and select "Backups"

Then select a version to restore from:

Hope this helps!



YOU are a Life Saver ! ! I was completely going crazy trying to figure this out... Thank You so much. It worked. I am back in business. I can't believe that happened.. Have a great day. Thank You again for saving my day.


My pleasure! So glad I was able to help you @JibbyFlow Please let me know if you have any other questions. smiley Glad that you're back in business!





I've been using previously made pages as templates for new pages, and tonight I did something dumb, I didn't duplicate before using the old page to make a new one. Is there any way to get my old page back AS WELL AS keeping the new page I made?

Thanks much!


If you go to the webflow dashboard. You can go to backups. And refresh your site to a prior date in time before you made the mistake. It will wipe out anything you did last that moment. But sometimes it's a necessity to go backwards to go back forwards.

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