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[I made] A Timeline of Webflow features & events, using Webflow CMS only

Hi everyone, the title says it all!

Apart from 2 lines of CSS calc, I used no-code and Webflow only to make this CMS timeline of important features releases and events. The layout is using CSS Sticky, and IX2 for the horizontal scroll bound on scroll. As the Timeline is CMS, you can add events as you like and they populate the timelines views. There are a few caveats that I will explain soon when I’ll release a clonable template of it.


Oh, and I renamed my blog. It’s no more inb4, now it’s Manifest! It’s still the same url for the time being: So welcome to Manifest, a blog de to help you find techniques and solutions for your Webflow no-code website!


hahahah, I love the “IE6 is not even dead” at the very begining of the timeline !
awesome job :partying_face: really interesting to watch the evolution of the features !
Also love the colors and UX !

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The world would be a worse place without you :weary:

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