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I may have designed the slowest Webflow page of all time. Where did I go wrong?

Thanks, @mikeyevin, going to try this now.

@iDATUS, changing to a Lightbox would be the last resort for me, as it adds extra steps for the visitor and breaks the consistency of my design. I really would like the videos to stay embedded, be directly selectable, and allow the visitors to use the boxes and arrows underneath to shuttle through them, which would be consistent with the design of the customer quotes that the videos alternate with.

Its just annoying that lazyload works for lightbox but we can’t have something we can tick to do the same for an imbed. I am happy like you to add my own image to the imbed box.
If you are serious on clearing up some of the other issues affecting your scores PM me. I am aiming to specialise consultancy for fellow designers.

Hi @mikeyevin,

Thank you again!

Well, this probably might not surprise you at this point, but I’m still not having success. I’ve made a 4-minute video that demonstrates what I’m trying to achieve and where the results are falling short.

Is the breakpoint behavior I’m trying to achieve possible with the Vimeo embed, and if so, could you advise me on what to do differently?

I’m assuming since this probably involves code that it might be easier to reply here rather than through a phone call, but would be happy to give you my number too.

I wonder if anyone from the Webflow team is making note of this. It would be great if it would be possible for them to update their video element to address the page speed issues.

Chuck, just spent 3 hours going over all this but in short.
Your are correct, your scores are bad because you were using the “Webflow, video element” and the reason why is it adds a pre call to embedly and then a vimeo call. In effect 2 calls per video.
Using iframe removes this extra call.
Vimeo call seems to be very efficient compared to youtube and although there are lots of requests most are 0s.
To prove this, I created a blank page, created an embeded iframe for all your vimeo links and I got 100% scores.
I added to this page 1 single webflow video element and got 96%

There are a lot more things to clean out but I thought I would add you are on the right track.
Screenshot 2021-02-13 071308

Thank you, @iDATUS, but all credit should go to @mikeyevin. Like you, he also dug into the code to figure this out. All I’ve done is pose questions and problems.

Speaking of which, if you have an opportunity to view the the video I posted above your last post, please let me know if the styling and behavior I’m trying to achieve is possible with the embedded Vimeo iframes vs. the Webflow video element. If not, I might have to give this up and just accept the Lightbox, but I hope to not have to do that, because then I’ll be completely sacrificing the simplicity and elegance of the current design and functionality.

Yes @mikeyevin is the star. I am just adding a side line of information so he at least can do the core request.
But you did ask if the original post if the information you received second hand about video element was correct which I wanted to prove it was, that way you didn’t feel you were wasting all this time for nothing.
Yes you can make it responsive and took me more than a day to resolve. I have not tried it in a slider but don’t see it as an issue.

I will send you a PM.

I know you are deep in the weeds at this point but it should be worth noting that both Vimeo and YouTube display video pages as a collection of thumbnails that when clicked take you to a detail page that plays the video. It is what users are already used to and both of them can afford to code crazy solutions. The common thread is performance in the current way they are doing it. Just something to consider.