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I Need help to make 100+ modals


well look at that. beauty and brains :smile:
I think she answered your question @Ahmadz839


Great thank you so much just one more question is there a way to link the different modals with arrows like the lightbox widget?

Agian i cant thank you enough :smile:



Ummm... no... I wasn't able to find solution for that. :confused: Waiting for dynamic lightbox for that.


Yeah now i just have to upgrade my hosting :smile:


Thank you for such feedback :smile:


Thats sad anyways thank you so much for the help :smile:



Lovely work Sabanna. Very clean. The artist is also very impressive herself. Anyhow, just so you know ... take a look at the home page ... there is an issue with the text being outside of the viewport but user unable to scroll. Thought you might want to fix it. :smiley:

Quick question: For the language options ... if you don't mind me asking, how did you come to accomplished that?




Thank you @DesignerDiana!

Thanks for the help. Could you tell me which text? Because On my screens I wasn't able to see such issue.

I translated it by myself. Native I am Ukrainian and Russian language speaker. Just English text could have some mistakes :confused:


Haha, don't worry, haven't found any mistakes in english yet ... so you're doing pretty good. As long as everyone understands. :wink:

It's only the homepages in Ukrainian and Russian that have about artist and charity offset. Let me know if you see it.



in an seo aspect...
using the cms... are you able to use alt tags and rename the files to a specific file name ?
if not... can you pull the image from an alternate url - ie: a blind url.

What if you had a custom domain. Can the images be renamed ?

This image here has a lot of url weight

When it could be simplified as (if the cms lets you)

both and are available.


Guys, if you have more questions about site, you can PM to me. Let's do not change original topic :wink:

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