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I need help with Slider Widget


Hello there!

Im working in a new project named Mi Bemol Café, and i have some trouble with the slider widget. The problem is with the background img. I want to put a background in a slide and make it fixed, the result is well at the first slide only, but i can't make it fixed at the other slides, because the background img disappear, even if i change the class. I want different backgrounds or the same background in all the slides, but fixed. Can someone help??

Here's the public link:


Hi @Jaime You can have 'same background image' for your slides by setting 'bg img' and 'bg img2' to 'not fixed' smiley and set their container to fixed that will affect your slides image as fixed. Is that what you try to achieve?


This is a browser limitation, but as @pastiwibawa mentioned there are some ways to work around it.

Here are a few more tips for working with fixed Slider backgrounds: