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I need some help with responsive forms


Not sure if I should be here or over in "Code Help"!

I have a client that wants a more interactive type site. She would like a form to be more interactive.

So when you enter your name (in name field) in the form, is there a way to have text change to that name?

So let's say I'm being asked a few questions:
Question 1: "What is you name?" Mikhail
Question 2: Alright #Name (Mikhail), what is your favorite snack?

Is that possible with or without code in Webflow? Should I opt to use Typeform?


Hello @mikhailarden

Check this blog post from WF team, I think you can take advantage from it

Let me know if that helps you in any way.



You can do that in jquery or js


You should love , but not sure it's free


Know if there is a plugin built?


Thanks @aaroncampo.
Do you think I'd be able to build the complex natural language form? I like it most!

  1. Add <p> element and name ID like "name" or like this.
  2. Choose ID for your input form like "input-user-name"
  3. In site settings add Footer Custom code:

$( document ).ready(function() {
$('#input-user-name').on('keypress', function() {


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