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I need video to autoplay with no controls



I want a video to play, as if a gif or image, with no controls, autoplaying and on constant loop.
I’m using vimeo for my video host, how can i hide these controls?

Here is my site Read-Only:


I guess you could use a background video element. Iv’e used that before for same purpose.


Not sure about vimeo but you can with youtube with just a few short snippets of code tacked on the end of the URL ?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0&autoplay=1&loop=1&playlist=VIDEO_ID"
Ultimately your code will look like:

What it does broken down:
?rel=0 Turns off the suggested videos at the end of the video
&controls=0 Removes all the controls like play, pause, fullscreen and the timeline
&showinfo=0 Removes the title of the video and the youtube logo leaving you with just the video
&autoplay=1 Causes the video to play on load so no need for the play button
&loop=1 Pretty self explanatory, causes the video to loop itself
&playlist=VIDEO_ID Kind of a fail safe making the video into a playlist which is set to loop so if it doesn’t loop the video it will loop the playlist which is the video.

Hope this helps,