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I want to create a affiliate marketing

I was stuck in a trouble with an affiliate marketing

I try to create an affiliate on webflow But I can’t find any topic OR course about affiliate marketing

Can I create affiliate marketing on webflow or I need to Go to other website like Wordpress?

I’m looking for the same

Can I use WordPress for this?

Webflow does not provide any features that would make it easy to to AFF marketing. If you chose Webflow, you would have to use custom code embeds to do so. While on Wordpress there are plugins that can make it much easier to monetize content. Wordpress also provides a much better editor, the ability to control nesting / add tagging, custom templates etc. Personally I would not consider Webflow up to the task if I was trying to monetize content. You may feel different. Good luck with your venture.

Hi man. I’m looking for something same, it’s good idea