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I want to "Meetup" with you!


I'm looking for several Meetups to go and speak at. Anyone here attend a local Meetup? If so, post the link of it here. I'd love to "geek out" about all things Web Design with you guys in person over coffee :coffee: or beer. :beers:

Thanks in advance :smiley:


Hi Nelson

If you fancy coming over to Berlin, I'd love to meetup :wink:

I'm actually thinking of organizing a small Webflow User Meetup here in Berlin. I've seen a couple of people in coworkings who were using Webflow. Any chance on statistics about Webflow users based in Berlin? :smile:


@kasperkazzual There are over 800 active Webflow users in Berlin alone - what a hip city! If you decide to hold a meetup, let us know and we can notify users in Berlin the link.


Wow! Great idea! Any chance to know how many Portuguese users are listed in Webflow?
Let's say, Lisbon... Unfortunately for what I see in the forums, we must be very few...


We have 2 Webflow Staff members and few Community Experts from Europe. Let us know if you're going to organize any meetups in your cities/countries :) Maybe we'll be able to say hello :)


@bart @brryant
Yeah, Berlin is awesome :wink: I'll let you know!